Veteran Assistance Programs

The Building Lives Program has five major components that work together to build a solid foundation upon which a fulfilling life can be built.

For more information on these programs, or to apply for assistance please contact:

Ashley Mitchell

Resource Coordinator / Case Manager

Office: (615) 678-4967


Building Lives provides job placement assistance utilizing a network of employment service companies and individual corporations who have agreed to partner with Building Lives to provide employment opportunities. This information is provided by the BLF Resource Coordinators. Additional employment opportunities are communicated as they become available through the BLF network.


Each participant is provided an apartment package free of charge that includes towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, dishes, pots/pans, silverware, coffee pot, pillows, etc. Complete furniture for the apartment is also furnished as furniture is available.


A Resource Coordinator (Mentor) is provided to each individual. Their role is to assist the individual to successfully attain the individual’s new life goals. The Mentor will provide life skills training, budgeting assistance, serve as a sounding board/listen and provide options and solutions as needed. The Mentor also encourages the individual to join a church, mosque or synagogue of their choice, get involved with community service and provides avenues to grow the individual’s community (new associates, friends and contacts).


Housing is obtained at a cost that matches the individual’s income or anticipated income through a group of housing partners that includes Urban Housing Solutions, Prestige Pointe, First Nashville Realty Management and others. BLF will pay up to the first two months rent, utilities and deposits depending on the assessed need of the individual. The individual will typically have a job within the first 30 days in the program which allows them to pay their own rent thereafter.


Each participant is offered the opportunity to purchase a vehicle through BLF once they have completed 90 days of employment. The standard vehicle is $2500 with the participant paying $500 down and $200 per month for one year. No interest is charged. To be eligible the participant must have a valid driver’s license and be insurable. If not, BLF will assist the participant in getting their driver’s license and will assist with obtaining insurance.