The Academy


The mission of The Academy is to provide veterans the opportunities necessary to transition from chronic homelessness to sustained independent living.


  1. Orientation & Adjustment (6-12 months)
  2. Program Commitment / Goals (6-12 Months)
  3. Transition to Independent Living
  4. Independent Living


Counseling & Support

Drug / Alcohol Counseling & Support
Pre-employment Training
Veteran’s Benefits Counseling
Clothing & Personal Hygiene Items provided
Food / Meals Prepared and Served
Mentoring Program

Spiritual Development

Individual and Group spiritual development time is provided – Access to Community Churches is provided
Spiritual development programs are provided

Continuing Education

Life Skills Training & Support
Apprenticeship Programs
Remedial Education & Training Opportunities
Personal Finance and Responsibilities
Monthly Educational Activity / Experience

Health & Fitness

Coordination and Transportation to Doctor and Clinic Appointments
Secure & Provide access to prescribed medications
Random, routine drug screening provided
Special dietary needs are provided for
Opportunities for exercise and relaxation are provided

Other Essentials

Personal Time
Structured Work Experience & Training
Shared Household Duties & Responsibilities
Fire / Life Safety Plan and Drills
Community Involvement and Activities
Strictly applied House Rules and Disciplinary Programs
Recognition and Incentives for superior performance

The Academy

Address: 3541 Wood Bridge Antioch, Tennessee 37217
Telephone: (615) 678-4967

Executive Director: Tim Gregath | (615) 397-4480
Resource Coordinator Manager: Steve Lanham  | 615-678-4967
Operations Manager: Kevin W.A. Wilkinson | (615) 481-3710